Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Questions

1. How long will it take to receive my product

-Please keep in mind our products come from all over the globe. Shipping times vary from Vendor to Vendor; be sure to read the vendor's shipping info before placing your order. However we typically estimate 10-25 days.

2. Can I purchase more than one product by different vendors 

-Of course you can. Feel free to add as much product as you desire. The vendors' total shipping cost is calculated together when you make multi-vendor purchases.

3. Do you ship to my country?

-Yes, we ship worldwide. However certain products may only ship to specific countries per the vendors request. A disclaimer will be placed in the product description if it ships to specific countries only.

4. Is shipping included in the base price?

-No it is not due to the fact we offer a variety of shipping methods and allow customers to choose.

5. What are my shipping options?

- We primarily offer 3 forms of shipping: Flat Rate, Standard Shipping, and Expedited Shipping


6. What are the International/Global shipping Rates?

- Shipping Rates vary depending on where the product is coming from. Naturally, it is cheaper if you are buying product from a vendor within the same country. International shipping rates typically range as so:

  1. Flat Rate (3-5 Working Days prep, 15-25 working days Shipping): $2.19-3.97 per the first 100 grams

  2. Standard Shipping (3-5 working days prep, 6-10 working days Shipping): $4.99-36.49 per the first 500 grams

  3. Expedited Shipping (3-5 Working Days prep, 3-5 Working Days Shipping): $10.49- 49.00 per the first 500 grams


7. Why do the shipping Rates Vary?

-Shipping Rates vary on a per country basis due to other rates such as tariffs, duties, customs regulations and other governmental sanctions.

Admin Questions


8. How do i create a user account?

-Click on the link at the top left corner of the screen that says, "log in". Once you have created your account be sure to check your email and verify your email address on file. If you have any issues feel free to contact us at

9. How do I create a Vendor account?

-Click on the menu tab at the top of the screen that says, "Marketplace" then click the tab that says "vendor registration". Once you have created your account be sure to check your email and verify your email address on file. If you have any issues feel free to contact us at Once you are fully registered you will be ready to begin uploading product. For more vendor FAQ's feel free to Click Here

10. I forgot my password

-No problem, to reset your password click the login link at the top left corner. Then click the "forgot password" and we will take care of you from there

11. I have not received a confirmation email?

-Please check your spam mail. If the problem persist email us

Digital products


12. How do I receive digital products after I make a purchase?                                              

-Digital product(s) are sent to you immediately upon purchase A link is provided in the shopping cart immediately after the transaction is finalized.

13. Can the consumer repeatedly download my product?

- Only if you so desire. All digital downloads are set to a standard of 1 download per link. However if you want to allow more than one feel free to email us and we will be glad to make the necessary accommodations.


 14. what do you guys consider to be digital products?

-Primarily music compositions, film projects, e-books, and digital magazines. Any other options/ideas please contact us.