'The CommUnity' name defines a space where 'Common' and 'Unity' are conjointly manifested; thus equating to 'The CommUnity'(literally and figuratively). To be conjoined is the combination of two or more entities; just as we are conjoined with our ancestors and our children. Bound by oath, together we conjure up a better reality and ascended paradigm [Con-with/together] [jurare-swear/oath].

   Removing the 'on' in common reminds us that sometimes we have to leave frivolous things off in order to achieve unity(no pun intended). Besides, you can't spell community without unity

Company Info

*Founded: 2015

*Mission: To globally revitalize broken communities and families

*Motto: You can't spell community without unity

*Slogan: Comm on unity, Common unity, The CommUnity

What does it mean to be The CommUnity?